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The whole idea behind Poetae Lucis, as a media agency, is to capture moments and experiences that we further express through the art of photography. Pictures are more than a mere simple record, photography speaks to the best part of us. Our main objectives as a media agency is to keep on capturing these moments that are valuable to our followers. We have a belief that all pictures we take, regardless of their setting, are small pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of life. We, as an agency, have worked towards capturing moments through both photos and films. We work with the UWC Maastricht community by showing our support through covering events such as student led conferences, culture weeks, musicals, talent shows, student or parent led festivals among many more. Even though Poetae Lucis takes a big share of work in-school, we also take the time to cover other events that happen off or outside school. Some of the events we have been working on, is Human cafe Maastricht, the UWC congress, El Duniya Music festival, Knooppunt, UWC Netherlands, Tedx Youth, Government of Maastricht, the Impact series and other events. We also had our first art exhibition called "need" in the Art beat festival in 2015.

Revenue we earn solely goes towards the needs of the agency, such as photography equipment and software.


Owned by Poetae Lucis

Harddrive 40tb - Sound recorder H1 pro -  Website Smugmug - Domain name poetaelucis.com - Samsung Yoke camera (donated by Collin Hogan) - Nikon camera (donated by Fiona) - Continuous lighting system (donated by Collin Hogan) - Trypod (donated by Collin Hogan)

We use 

Studiolights from Ajay - our members' own cameras


Clara Vieira Anna Bayer Darnell Starling, Sofia Francione, Alexander van Gelderen, Camila Lindo, Tijn Crevecoeur, Maria Lanza, Anthea Lai, Jonathan Lee, Yvonne Menja, Lidia Paladini, Dominique van de Kar, Bruno Aravena, Annelie Wigchering, Syuen Chia, Kelly Taylor, Carolin Steinhausen, Shaden Safieddine, Maxime Malot, Lottie Townend, Yi Wynn Chan, Caifang Du, Shrey Regmi and Ajay Hirani 

Former Members

Joined 2015

Satoru Nishimoto - Elton Jacob - Ghita Benhayoune - Vinicius Jin Yoshida - Virgilio San Jose - Tagwa Ali - Minouka Kuipers - Jintian - Aiham  - Tiffany Hurtado

Joined 2014

Ceren Dolma - Orwa Mohamad - Ana Sofia Araujo - Mia Tamme - Catia Pinas Dombaxe - Marie-Laure Devigne - Fiona Mustain - Ibrahim Sabea - Charlotte Daemen - Albane Andres - Sara Talib Hamed Al-Ajmi - Adithya Lakshminanayanan - Kamau Wainaina